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The residential home building industry is back on strong growth trajectory following a dip during the recent Australian elections. With continuing population and employment growth, low interest rates and a phenomenally positive outlook, Australians gravitate to property.

Our current environment where on one hand home ownership demands remain high, and entering the market remains difficult albeit some respite is on its way. The word affordability is the key and drives the realisation of home ownership.

Residential home builders are always looking for ways to minimise costs in their home build. As costs increase so does the impact on design, and construction methods, and how best to attain maximum returns for dollars spent.

Owner building is a sure fire way to attain both the quality and functionality most families’ dream of and contain and control with costs.

An owner builder can expect to save around 35% – 38% off a builder’s sticker price. These saving require good research, realistic and functionally attainable planning and project management awareness and skill.

As Australia’s premier owner builder insurer our focus is always directed to safe work place practices and don’t forget to add enjoyment.

When seeking owner builder experience and risk management advice, then Qtrust is your first call. Since 2001, our firm has been standing alongside aspiring, high net-worth Australians.

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