Why Voluntary Workers Insurance is more than a good idea. Its mandatory.

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Voluntary Workers Insurance is purposely designed to support those helping out, those who have been invited and who unfortunately suffer an injury during their unpaid work on an owner builder project. This insurance also insures an owner builder, their spouse or partner and children over the age of 18. There is no need to nominated these helpers before they are actually required, as this insurance is built on the same principles as all Qtrust insurances: practical, pertinent and focused on owner builders.

Lending a helping hand to neighbours, friends and family is common behaviour, and it’s the Australian way to offer to help out. Owner Builders and renovators don’t always ask for help, but unlikely to knock it back when offered. The need for help is often unplanned or grab-it when you can, which on both accounts places urgency, over well thought-out and monitored resource plan.

Asking for help may be categorised into two events or manifestations. Firstly weather related events which may result in damage or interruptions to the construction process, and then those unplanned communication failures. For example bad weather approaching may require the need tarp-up or put away building materials in a hurry, or complete excavation such as site drainage or strip footings channels, or delivered goods are offloaded in an unsafe or insecure part of the site and require relocating urgently.  Rosetto Family Outing

At these times the possibility of injury, or more disastrous outcomes is not front of mind and furthermore, longer term consequences, both financial, family and life style are far way and out of mind and sight.

Asking for help is mostly on the pretext of voluntary or unpaid assistance, and often an unsaid paying forward in kind.

Unpaid or voluntary workers injured whilst working on an owner builder project will find little insurance assistance and comfort from the main construction or building insurances. Medicare and private health insurance will support an injured in so far as their cover allows, but who covers non Medicare expenses or loss of wages or disablement or other incapacitations compensation?

Voluntary Workers Insurance is purposely designed to support those helping who unfortunately suffer health or injury during their unpaid work. As with most things insurance all is not what is told in sales spiels or marketing.

Qtrust provides two options for onsite workers: one is for those voluntary workers, who may be called upon. More often unknown by name today and therefore no requirement to identify them at the time of taking our insurance. To comply work place safety practices, up to 5 workers on site are insured at any one time and an unlimited number of workers over the policy period. The second option is more designed for mature, family income leaders, with a strong income protection element, and much deeper and richer benefits on injury recovery expenses, household assistance and rehabilitation costs. This policy provides 24×7, worldwide cover.

A good quality insurance is not necessarily more expensive but simply refers to the insurer who is underwriting the contract of insurance, and making the promise to pay a claim. It means the Policy is actually relevant, practical and uninhibited in conditions which may severely dilute claims payout.

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