Voluntary Workers Insurance

Asking family and friends for a helping hand is common practice when owner building. But, building sites are inherently unsafe. Accidents happen. Owner builders carry the burden of making sure all helpers and workers have ready access to insurance if needed.

Only $375.00 all inclusive, provides your family and friends a safety net when lending a helping hand. Online Quote go here

Doing the ‘right thing’ is making sure those you love and volunteered to help out, are insured against injury, loss of wages, medical expenses and long term disablement.

Family Friends and Helpers Insurance Pack

Purposely designed for owner builders, their spouses and partners, family members and friends.

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance.

  • Accident cover during Voluntary Work
  • Unlimited number of Volunteers with up to 5 on site at any one time
  • Owner builders, spouses and partners are included
  • Income and non-income earners
  • Income benefit to income earners
  • Injury, disablement, non-Medicare expenses
  • Travel to, and return from the building site
  • 182 day benefit period
  • Age range from 16 to 75 years old
  • $200,000 limit of liability
  • First class, world class and most recognisable insurer guaranteeing your insurance
  • 5STAR Claims management. Local and on the ground support

Lloyds Insurance is your security and the Underwriter.

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