Public Assets. Cross Overs. Road Reserves and Roadways. Owner Builder Insurance Made for Today’s Risks

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Owner builders cannot control sub-contractors causing damage to public assets such as, driveways and crossovers, footpaths and curb side gutters and road ways. Yet between January 2018 and July 2018*, 148 repair costs notices were sent to owner builders as local government (councils and shires) sought to recover their costs for public assets maintenance and repairs.

Mostly, nearly all owner builder insurance policies specifically define insurance coverage as the site – boundary to boundary. Footpaths, nature strips and road ways are outside this definition and therefor exclude from cover. No insurance. Moreover budget type insurers, mostly foreign with little or no Australian construction or property understanding, closed off third party property damage option when they exclude sub-contractor actions. Complicated, “maybe”, but budget insurers play these games of complicated cover as they reduce an owner builder scope to pursue a successful claim.

Public assets damage can occur even when best practices are deployed. Construction activity such as unloading an excavator from a low loader trailer is likely to damage roadway. Cement trucks, concrete agitator trucks, mixing and pumping machinery are prime culprits in built up or established areas. Skips and bins gauge roadways and often damage gutter and nature strips. These events can come back to bite the site owner or owner builder.

Owner builders are just mums and dads doing the best they can to improve their lifestyle and wealth. They are not construction site supervisors. Therefore the right insurance is important.  Insurance designed in the very first instance to respond to an owner builder’s circumstances and time constraints and financial necessities. Secondly, cover broad and pertinent events, understanding a construction site is full of sub-contractors, trades people and their apprentices and labours, and not in any manner whatsoever employees of the owner builder.

Qtrust insurances provide overarching cover, from actual damage which results from insured incidents or events, and results in an owner builder incurring financial loss or cost(s), or personal loss, including events which cause consequential loss. Public assets including facilities and reserves protection.

Owner builders, renovators and landlords undertaking makeovers should carefully review an insurer’s product disclosure or contract of insurance for cover exclusions and incidents and events which are removed from insurance. It’s all in the detail so if unsure of the precise meaning or application, consult a professional such as the Technical Team at Qtrust.


*Claims related to public infrastructure  damage 

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