Please explain difference between contracts works and owner builder insurance

August 15, 2017 2:04 pm Published by 3 Comments

Some terms can be confusing. Contracts Works is often referred as commercial and licenced builder construction and not specifically owner builder. Owner builders are more at risk than companies (builders, sub-contractors etc) because of personal assets such as your family home or wealth or land, or other personal assets, which are not protected under a company structure. Qtrust policies are owner builder specific, designed and proven to protect you and your assets, against unforeseen incidents.

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  • julian spiteri says:

    Thank you for clarifying this different. We received two quotes which were called engineering insurance, and the other specific construction insurance. After reading your note we dug deeper into the other insurance and discovered they are made for commercial projects. thank you for alerting us.

  • Dessy K says:

    very useful distinction. thx

  • issy x says:

    why cant all brokers be as frank and honest as you! nice work

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