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When an insurance product cheats owner builders unfairly, is just not right, nor cricket

April 11, 2018

The problem with insurance companies who avoid packaging remarkable insurance cover is they never reach comprehensive cover status under standard... View Article

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Landlord Insurance, a fine blend of practical, relevant and responsive insurance cover

March 28, 2018

Landlord Insurance designed for positive economic balance between premium, coverage and claims management. Overwhelmingly, Qtrust our clients are young, aspiring... View Article

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12 Lies Your Insurance Consultant Tries to Get Away Telling

March 18, 2018

Insurance is a serious matter. It’s technical, and bound by legal precedents, all which points to a heavy reliance on... View Article

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Owner Builder Insurance Construction & Public Liability

We insure owner builders with Australia's best value insurance products. Best prices. Comprehensive cover from one of Australia's first class insurers with 5STAR ratings.New homes. Renovations. Extensions and Additions. Kit homes.Transportable homes. Strata renovations. Swimming Pools. Granny Flats. Sheds. Kit homes. Heritage Listed homes and Commercial projects.

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