Good insurance is focused on shared and combined benefits translating into successful outcomes by all

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For owner builders preventive behaviour and actions, reduces construction delays, improves work flows and reduces opportunities for financial loss, damage and injury.

When owner builders do more to align personal aspirations to their financial interests, through preventive actions, we see improved outcomes for all.

Modern, state of the art and progressive insurance firms “monetise” the economic benefit of providing clients with tools and guides for safer and timely project completion.

Observers of owner builder behaviour know too well the power of instant gratification and tendencies to ‘jump to a deal’ before thinking through the consequences of a poor decision. Owner builders are more likely to over-consume a low price (discount for cash or principal supply materials), but under-consume prevention or avoidance (consequences of a poor decision).

Owner building is a life style step change, often called “disorganised activity” as scheduling delivery of materials and goods to site and then sub-contractor’s schedules and reliability are often fluid.

Qtrust’s client solutions are more than insurances: it’s a focus on shared or combined benefits providing project management tools, introductions to helpful and financially rewarding resources and practical industry support, are an integral part of an insurance commitment. Example of these resources are:

  1. Owner Builder Hiring Contractors, Sub-contractors & Sole Traders Selection & Appointment Safety Check List to facilitate an owner builder’s compliance requirements to workplace procedures and safety. It also provides a working guide and reference, and demonstrates an owner builder has supplied contractors intending to work on-site with all reasonable health and safety related information including instruction related to the workplace behaviours.
  2. OH&S all weather corrugated plastic Site Safety Site Sign to affix to the site fence or gate.
  3. Construction Works Quality Check & Reporting Manual. This practical, on site field hand book is a complete construction quality assurance system facilitating non-professional builders, such as owner builders to check, assess and report workmanship quality. Designed for owner builders. Prepared by building professionals. Used by construction project managers. 40 pages. 23 standard construction stage points and over 140 check points.

Renovator’s project management and resource tools support and resource centre comprising of

  1. Real Time Renovator Mobile APP with everything needed to manage a successful project
  2. Tools of trade templates to manage a project successfully
  3. Mentoring and live support access
  4. Style & colour formula
  5. Budget calculator and project management tools, it’s a mobile APP
  6. Floor & space planners
  7. Self-help library
  8. National trade & wholesale discount card

Both today and in the future, creating shared value is an imperative for insurers that aim to grow profitably and sincerely want to provide risk protection and prevention to their clients. Qtrust is committed to this journey.

Owner Builders. Renovators. Adding an Extension or Addition. Investment Property Make-Overs. Granny Flats. Kit Homes.

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