Lowest Price BEAT Guarantee

We will BEAT any genuine owner builder construction & public liability insurance or Home Warranty Insurance Victoria, quote.

Lowest price guarantee applies to owner builder projects with construction site postcodes of Victoria, NSW, Qld, South Australia, Tasmania and ACT.

The PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE only applies to verifiable (bona fida) owner builders. To be eligible for the PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE the intending insured must provide copy of their Owner Builder Letter of Consent (Victorian owner builders) or Owner Builder Permit from NSW Department of Fair Trade, or a current Building Permit or verifiable and current owner builder permit or owner builder licence.

If your claim qualifies for the PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE, we will lower our price to meet this commitment, and refund you the difference.

How do I claim? Simply show us evidence of our competitor’s proposal and quotation for the identical cover, excess levels and project details, dated either 7 days before or 7 days after your purchase. Once we verify the PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE we will happily reduce our price to meet our commitment.

What are the exclusions to this offer?

  1. Proposal and quotation underwritten by non-Australian (Licenced) insurers;
  2. Proposal is issued by non-Australian Financial Services Licenced firms;
  3. Policy inception date is 21 or more days from date of PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE claim;
  4. Proposal and quotation error (either ours or theirs).

PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE may be terminated or amended at any time without notice.