Constructing a New Dwelling or Residential Home

What Insurance Is Required? What Does It Covers? How Much Does It Cost?

We insure owner builders against personal or financial loss, including property loss, and claims for financial compensation by other parties, such as sub-contractors, local government, delivery or transport drivers, medical and hospital providers and other service providers. Owner builders own property and real estate and herein lies the risk of exposure.

With the expected activities and ‘going-ons’, when you start your owner builder project, your risks lie in the unknown and often unseen events and incidents. As a property owner and a builder (that’s the legal definition of an owner builder), you are ultimately exposed to third party claims such as on-site worker to worker injury, sub-contractor injury or property damage.

Furthermore over recent times destructive weather events are a real problem and can severely damage building materials, internal fittings and appliances. The most concerning trends sadly are vandalism and malicious damage. The insurance we present today is rated All Australian, “A” Class with 5STAR Claim Rating.

All the planning and paper work is now done and ready to start owner building. Constructing a new home as an owner builder poses several risks, because as the owner of the building site and the builder, ultimately risk is carried by you. For this ‘stand-out’ reason, the choice of insurance coverage and who stands behind your insurance as guarantor is paramount.

Owner builders are not experienced builders, but carry the same building site responsibilities as registered and experienced builders. Owner builders could not be expected to know all the little things that contribute to making building sites ‘a top 2’ riskiest workplace environment across the country, but we do and our insurance underwriters and partners are long standing, high performing Australian insurance firms.

What separates insurance companies is the quality and reputation of their financial strength and claims performance. When you choose insurance through Qtrust you can be assured its Comprehensive Cover, from “A” Class Australian insurers.

Cover snapshot:

  • Thief and burglary
  • Vandalism, malicious damage or destruction of your property
  • Fire including bush fire, accidental, and even fire caused by sub-contractors (welding activities for example),
  • Storm, wind and water damage
  • 3rd party property damage
  • Public liability
  • Legal liability
  • Liability due to your negligence
  • Liability to other parties
  • Sub-contractor actions
  • Worker to worker injury

Our Clients benefit and rest easy because our Team has reviewed, served and assisted more owner builders than any other insurance firm anywhere across Australia (‘tens of thousands’ owner builder insurance policies signed-off under our hand over recent years). You also buy from trusted brands, with local people and local claims management.

Qtrust guarantees lowest price and backs this claim up with PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE.

Visit our FAQ’s and Library for more information.

How can we offer low premiums and more comprehensive coverage? Simply being careful who we insure. We only insure owner builders and not commercial builders, which means we can offer cheaper prices to good reliable owner builders. And because we live and breathe owner building our commitment means you get much, much better coverage, with much, much more practical built-in benefits, at much, much better pricing. All pretty straight forward actually.

Guaranteed 100% Best price first time
Our volume attracts best premium discounts. This means we can afford to offer better coverage at better pricing, first time every time.

Guaranteed 100% Best in class insurer financial security
Qtrust only partners with tier 1 insurers for maximum client security. Financial ratings are an assessment of ability and willingness to meet insurance obligations. You would think all insurers must pass this mark – but not so. Don’t think it’s important? That’s what Wall Street said in 2006.

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Guaranteed 100% Independent
Only speak to a qualified and accredited insurance professional with at least 5 years owner building experience. Absolutely no pushy call centre hagglers.

13 reasons how Qtrust offers much, much more insurance at much, much better pricing.

  1. Owner builder tools are insured as standard inclusion
  2. Exclusive – replacement costs escalation allowance which means total sum insured value has inbuilt flexibility and allowances for increased cost if we are required to repair, reinstate or replace your lost property
  3. Any goods, fittings or fixtures stored elsewhere, other than the construction site are insured
  4. Property in your care, custody and control provisions
  5. Excess levels which are purposely designed for the home owner
  6. Existing Structures Liability cover included
  7. In a loss situation, our insurers will restore construction records and design plans
  8. Exclusive –  After Loss Care provides for relocation, transport and family allowances should an incident occur and you and your family are required to relocate
  9. Mitigation expenses are covered for out-of-pocket reimbursed
  10. Temporary Protection of the construction site to minimise further risk
  11. Truly “A” Class, 5STAR CLAIMS Rated insurer guaranteeing your insurance and claim is paid
  12. No credit card fees apply – ZERO credit card fees
  13. No call centre hagglers – ZERO commission sales people

Qtrust helps Australians to save money without compromising cover. Quite simply, the reason you are here is because you want to be sure you recover from an unforeseen accident or event. If you are to insure then better have the right insurance for your circumstances and not just any insurance – it’s just dumb ‘to have the wrong insurance to save money, because a claim means you won’t be paid out’.

  1. New homes
  2. Extensions & additions
  3. Builder to lock up
  4. Non-structural make-overs
  5. Prestige homes
  6. Kit homes
  7. Garages
  8. Sheds
  9. Granny flats
  10. Transportable homes
  11. Apartment & Strata reno’s
  12. Retail & Commercial projects

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