Landlord Insurance, a fine blend of practical, relevant and responsive insurance cover

March 28, 2018 4:35 pm Published by 4 Comments

Landlord Insurance designed for positive economic balance between premium, coverage and claims management.

Overwhelmingly, Qtrust our clients are young, aspiring high net worth individuals, mature investors and companies, with a passion to safe guard their hard earn’t wealth. They are diligent, discerning and intelligent investors, when it comes to protecting their assets and cash flow streams. These investors and wealth growers place property as priority investments, and protecting these investments as highly important.

Qtrust’s client base consists primary of thousands of serious investors. Some are mums and dads seeking to growth their wealth, others manage SMSF, and others are enterprises, who expect first class, high competency advise. Our firm like no other delivers insurance with a heavy dose of property expertise, insurance advisory and meaningful client services. Our loyal, long standing clients expect no less!

In crowded markets such as Landlord Insurance, its a fine blend of practical, relevant and responsive insurance cover locked into an insurer, underwriter, who understands claims management and responds swiftly, precisely and fairly to investors priorities. That’s the real difference.

Landlord Insurance product in a snapshot, ……

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  • Fiona Whittle says:

    Some insurance companies ‘think’ the more they advertise the more landlords are likely to believe their stories. But reality is the opposite. Having had several bad experiences with so-called big insurance companies, and then being introduced to Qtrust and Guild insurances, the difference to us as investors is black and white. You have a client for life with us. Very pleased to have met you Qtrust.

  • Jeff Thomas says:

    I, Jeffrey Thomas (Bondi) are very pleased to comment on Qtrust service levels. Our client services manager is outstandingly good. Their premiums are very competitive and over 5 properties we are saving $620 in our annual insurances costs.

  • xao_chi says:

    As a first time landlord i need all the help i can get. finding you guys was awesome. from my first contact with your team i felt i had somebody on my side. i could trust. thank you for your professional assistance. on my next property be sure i’ll be back.

  • Harry Moore Investment Group says:

    refreshingly good service.

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