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Welcome to Qtrust Landlord Insurance. My name is Sam Greco, Chief Executive of Qtrust and I want to offer you something NO-ONE else in insurance would dare offer. And I want to offer it to you because I know that we are able to provide you with the very best landlord insurance on the market. But we’ll get into that in a minute..

As a landlord and property investor, we understand your primary objective is growing your financial strength through real estate. You don’t want to spend your time worrying about your tenants or potential problems at your rental property. That’s why we’ve created our tailored Landlord Insurance offering.

We make it possible for our clients to forget about the prospect of accidental damage, delinquent tenants or ANY unforeseen event that could result in disrupting the flow of passive income from their property. Read More

Landlord Insurance in Adelaide, South Australia

When you decide to rent your home to tenants, it’s essential to make sure you have landlord insurance. This is a special kind of insurance designed to meet the needs of landlords, and you need it because ordinary home owner’s insurance is not sufficient to meet your insurance needs.

Being a landlord is a big responsibility, and what many first time landlords don’t understand is that they really will be responsible for everything that happens on (and sometimes around) their property, even when the tenants might be at fault.

You need this insurance when:

  • Your property is damaged in any way, including by
    • damage due to natural events, such as storms
    • intentional or unintentional damage inflicted by tenants
    • damage caused by visitors
    • damage caused by wildlife, livestock, or pets
    • accidental damage caused by yourself
  • Tenants, visitors, or other third parties are injured on your property, regardless of whose fault it is
  • Your tenants, their guests, or their pets cause damage to any persons or property within the immediate vicinity of your property. There are certain exceptions, which include:
    • injuries caused as a result of a fight that you were not involved in
    • damage caused as a result of a fight that you were not involved in
    • burglary, robbery, or malicious damage perpetrated by the tenant
    • certain other crimes perpetrated by the tenant, except some special ones
  • You suffer loss of income due to the property becoming temporarily uninhabitable, or due to certain other types of occurrences beyond your control
  • A tenant or other third party takes legal action against you in connection with the property
  • You need to take legal action against the tenant in connection with their rental of your property

The above list doesn’t cover every possible scenario where landlord insurance will be necessary, and your individual policy may not necessarily cover everything, as that is a matter between you and your insurer.

Landlord Insurance in South Australia

The notable exceptions in the case of non-liability for crimes committed by the tenant are where the tenant was involved in crimes connected with illegal drugs, illegal gambling, illegal prostitution, or storage of stolen goods.

Also, if a tenant were to use illegal drugs while renting the property and then moved out, you could be liable for any illness suffered by new tenants who became ill due to toxic residues left behind by the drug use.

Of course it’s not likely that any of these special cases are going to occur with your tenants, and the vast majority of tenants don’t engage in these illegal activities. Even so, it is sensible to be aware of the risks and to take due care to make sure these illegal activities are not occurring on your property.

Where to buy landlord insurance in Adelaide

You will find the best value insurance deals at Qtrust. Not your average insurance agency, Qtrust helps customers get exactly the right insurance to meet their specific needs. This makes certain that you’re not paying too much for your insurance, and you’re getting the proper cover.

Find out more about the excellent value you can get on your landlord insurance and other insurances by calling Qtrust on 1300 798 991.

Qtrust provide owner builder insurance for all owner builders in Australia. If you need owner builder warranty insurance or home renovation insurance, give us a call and let us talk you through your best options. We specialise in services for owner builders in NSW, Victoria, QLD and WA.

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Qtrust lets you switch off all worries you might have about your investment with the most competitively priced comprehensive landlord insurance in Australia.

$1,000 Rental Cover Per Week For Just $25 A Month

We’re proud to offer what we believe are the best premiums, excess levels and breadth of cover on the market.

All told, Qtrust Landlord Insurance covers you for up to $1,000 worth of income loss a week.

With our ultra-low premium of just $299.90 a year, you pay roughly the cost of a return metro train ticket a week for…

  • Cover for loss of rent and tenant default caused by your building becoming uninhabitable.
  • Cover in case your tenant vacates before the end of the tenancy period.
  • Cover if your tenant is legally evicted, or dies, or access to your building is denied due to neighbouring property damage.
  • Cover for legal expenses incurred due to tenant default or legal eviction of a tenant.
  • Cover for damage from fire, water, storms, vandalism and any damage from incidents at neighbouring properties.
  • Cover for theft, violent crimes and virtually ANY incident that might result in your property becoming ‘unrentable’.
Switch To Qtrust Landlord InsuranceSwitch To Qtrust Landlord Insurance

Flexible, Fair Insurance For Diligent Australian Landlords

When you get a free quote through this page today, you’ll enjoy a huge range of inclusions we’ve created especially for landlords like you.

  • Complete Cover For Your Investment Property: An insurance policy specifically for landlords who want to protect their investment and the income it generates.
  • Complete Cover For Your Investment Property: An insurance policy specifically for landlords who want to protect their investment and the income it generates.
  • $60,000 In Contents Cover Included: Your Qtrust cover protects up to $60,000 worth of contents with premiums starting at just $6.00 a week.
  • Industry Best Claims Management: Claims actioned same day. Our easy-to-manage claims processes means claims are settled* in just 4 days. (Subject to insurers claim management processes, type of claim and circumstances of the claim incident. Timeline is indicative only).
  • First-Class Insurance And A Five-Star Claims Rated Insurer : We don’t charge brokerage fees or credit card fees. We simply provide a first class insurance product direct to Australian landlords who want peace of mind from a five-star claims rating with full public and legal liability
Switch To Qtrust Landlord InsuranceSwitch To Qtrust Landlord Insurance

Take Advantage Of Our 21-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Qtrust’s Landlord Insurance offers you the best cover at the best price anywhere in Australia. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

That’s why we give you a full three weeks to try this cover out for yourself without risking a cent. Once you begin an insurance policy with us, you have 21 days to test out our online system, claims process and support team.

If you’re not happy with ANY aspect of our service, let us know. We’ll give you a full refund there and then. No questions. No problem


See what our customers are saying about our insurance

“‘Our recent claim has now been settled and its thanks to you and your team for your assistance and support. Your claims department was caring whilst acting in our interest at all times.
The best thing, most valuable support was the relocation allowance and financial assistance which was part of your insurance package. Before we bought your insurance we thought we would never use this benefit. We are so glad we did, and so are our pets who were also relocated. A family lifesaver.
In particular though, along with my husband and children I wish to thank you for your outstanding
service and professionalism. A truly first class service. Thank you”

Daniele Ferguson

“Thank you for sending through the final paperwork. I've emailed Kim the signed revised form.
She has been a great help, very patience and lovely in every way.
Thank you very much again for providing such a great customer service.
cảm ơn bạn. (Thank you)”

Samerra F(Caroline Springs Melbourne)

“Thanks for your help, you have been great, exactly the kind of service I like.”

Deb B(Melbourne)

“A very refreshing approach to our insurance requirements. Rather than sell us insurance, your staff members, took time to understand our needs and addressed our concerns point by point. Excellent understanding of owner building dangers and risks and how best to avoid them. Our project construction cost is in excess of $1.8million, and without professional assistance from Qtrust, our building risks would be greater. Thank you.”

Gerald H.(Hawthorn Vic)

“Your staff, in particular Louise are an excellent example of professional and caring customer service with a wealth of knowledge. My husband and I are very pleased to have met you.”

Barbara T.(Central Coast NSW)

“Today we purchased landlord insurance from your company. We decided to switch from our previous insurance company because on a recent claim we felt we were an inconvenience to them. On recommendation from our property agent we switch to Qtrust. Immediately felt like we have a friendly person to speak to speak to. Thank you.”

George T.(Clifton Hill)

“Our property manager suggested we check for other landlord insurance quotes insurance before we just settle on the same old policy. We are sure glad we did. Qtrust’s offer was by far the best all round cover and great value.”

Arthur G.(Baulkham Hills)

“Overall your service and offer was far superior to our current insurance company. Tkx”

Justin P.(Parramatta)

“Once we decided to use switch our landlord insurance we discovered a whole new world of insurance service. We should have switched much earlier. Keep up the good work.”

James E.(Bulimba Qld)