Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance File (all things need to know)

How Much Does It Cost?

Vic Govt, Managed Insurance Authority has proven consistency in state-wide premiums with no postcode or insured value bands, penalties. Premiums are calculated on actual home warranty period remaining, and value of the owner builder project. to obtain a quick quote supply date of Certificate of Occupancy (or Final Inspection), cost of project as noted on Building Permit. We will reply with an indicative quote.

Who is the VMIA?

VMIA provides insurance and risk advice to the State Government of Victoria and offers domestic building insurance (DBI) in Victoria, which provides cover to homeowners for incomplete or defective building work – in other words Home Warranty Insurance. VMIA works exclusively with selected intermediaries.

VMIA is a seal of approval and demonstrates to all prospective buyers of your home, you care enough to offer the very best Home Warranty Insurance available, because it’s backed (underwritten) by the Victorian Government insurer.

What is required when applying for Home Warranty Insurance?

Home Warranty Insurance is a statutory insurance – governed under Vic Building ACT. Therefore a completed Application Form by the owner builder(s) becomes the Statutory Declaration and, the foundation document for your Home Warranty. This Application Form may be requested here and we will forward along with our notes and supporting documentation to maximise your cover and simultaneously reduce your liabilities.  The overarching Qtrust promise is to support and assist our clients reduce and eliminate ongoing liabilities.

How long does it take to receive Certificate of Home Warranty?

On average 24hours.

Can you recommend a good Defects Report Inspector?

We do not recommend on a ‘broad bush’ approach any third party providers. Once we have some knowledge of your location and the type of construction works requiring Home Warranty, we will offer the very best known and proven solution. In our view, the Defects Report is an owner builders best friend and is the backbone of your ongoing liabilities.