Voluntary Workers Insurance Made for Owner Builders’ Family & Friends

This Policy is designed for Voluntary Workers (unpaid) whilst working on the owner builder site. It includes up to 5 Voluntary Workers including owner builder & spouse, on site, at any one time. But unlimited number during the period of insurance. This insurance covers Voluntary Workers from the time they leave home to they return. There is no requirement to identify or nominated these Voluntary Workers prior to an incident, however as an owner builder and construction site manager you retain responsibility to maintain a safe workplace environment, so please take care in selecting your helpers in other words use the appropriate muscle for the task at hand!

Qtrust Voluntary Workers Package is perfectly balanced between superb broad coverage for this segment at an industry best premium of $375 all inclusive. Policy Features and Benefits may be summarised as follows:

  1. Accident cover during Voluntary Work
  2. Total Disability Weekly Benefit to the Earnings that have been lost or the Weekly Benefit shown in the Certificate of Insurance
  3. Partial Disability Weekly Benefit calculated at the difference between the Insured Person’s pre-disability salary and current salary derived from their reduced employment capacity up to the benefit shown in the Certificate of Insurance
  4. Payment of an agreed Lump Sum Capital Benefit for Accidental Death and ‘certain’ defined Injuries.
  5. Available to people between the ages of 16-75
  6. Weekly Benefits are payable for a maximum period of 26 Weeks or as otherwise stated in Policy Schedule
  7. Non-Medicare Medical Expenses top up
  8. Funeral Expenses

Limit of Liability is up to $200,000.

No $ excess other than 14 day period.

Weekly Benefits:

Part 1:

  1. 75% of Income up to a maximum of $500 per week
  2. Benefit Period 26 weeks
  3. Excess Period 14 Days
  4. Age Limits 16 – 75 Years

Part 2: Capital Benefits $15,000

Part 3: Non-Medicare Medical: 75% of expenses up to a maximum of $1,500 or $50.00 per event

Part 4: Funeral Expenses $5,000