Home Warranty Insurance For Owner Builders Victoria

Domestic Building Insurance underwritten by Victoria’s Statutory Warranty Insurer, makes an overwhelming case for not risking an unknown or foreign insurer when so much is at stake. Owner builders hold ongoing obligations for years, so reducing or eliminating unresponsive insurance risk is paramount.

We don’t insure poorly constructed homes, so we can offer very best prices. Victorian based owner builders receive same day turn around and in most cases*. Insurance is issued by Victorian Managed Insurance Authority for long term safety, reliability and your protection.

Qtrust’s step change up to the powerful VMIA (Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, a Victorian government Insurer in its own right), means owner builders get a better deal all round: lower insurance cost, first class insurance advise and support.

Qtrust’s price drop is a direct result of our streamlined underwriting processes, and the elimination of ‘high risk’, poorly construction residences. So good, reliable, proud and responsible owner builders get a far better deal.

Our Clients benefit and rest easy, because our Team has reviewed, served and assisted more owner builders than any other insurance firm anywhere across Australia (actually ‘tens of thousands’ owner builder insurance policies signed-off). We know detail. We know Home Warranty Insurance.

Your insurance is first class, and clients benefit because VMIA directly manages all claims for domestic building insurance policies

Needing home warranty insurance before settling the sale of your home, then:

Step one: Complete an Application Form (which becomes your insurance declaration) and then supply your supporting documentation. It’s easy and straight forward and we’ll guide you through the process so you can focus on selling your home. Application Form ‘go here

Step two: Obtain a suitable Defects Report. This is a special ‘owner builder’ report (called  – 137B of the Victoria Building Act 1993) which details structural and non-structural defects. It is separate from your mandatory building inspections. In our opinion, the greater the level of detail included in the Defects Report the better you, as the owner builder, are protected during the statutory home warranty period.

As a rule inspectors will require about 3 – 4 days to complete the Defects Report, so plan ahead. Don’t know a suitable Inspector? go here

General overview

Domestic building insurance is designed to benefit the purchaser of an owner built home or a home that has been renovated or structurally altered or modified. Home warranty insurance does not benefit the owner builder and owner builders cannot claim against this insurance class. Home Warranty insurance covers the subsequent owner of an owner built residence in the event that (you as) the owner builder dies, disappears or is insolvent, and the building works are incomplete or defective during the statutory home warranty period.

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