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Owner Builder Insurance Construction & Public Liability

We insure owner builders with Australia's best value insurance products. Best prices. Comprehensive cover from one of Australia's first class insurers with 5STAR ratings.

New homes. Renovations. Extensions and Additions. Kit homes.Transportable homes. Strata renovations. Swimming Pools. Granny Flats. Sheds. Kit homes. Heritage Listed homes and Commercial projects.  

Qtrust is all about 'smart' insurance because our commitment is protecting owner builders with the right insurance, best price and qualified advice. Our track record and client list is our badge: over 10 years practical experience backed by 'tens of thousands' owner builder insurance policies issued and managed by our people. Qtrust clients benefit and rely on our practical, hands on experience and insurance accreditations.  No other insurance firm has assisted or served more owner builders anywhere across Australia. Owner builders can expect advice driven insurance and only from qualified and experienced insurance professionals.

Our insurance Policy will cover you in three (3) key areas. Should you suffer unforeseen personal, physical and material loss or damage during the construction period from events such as storm, wind, water damage, vandalism, malicious damage, theft and burglary and fire damage you are insured. 

Secondly, Public and Legal Liability insurance is purposely designed to protect owner builders from Legal Liability which may be incurred from third parties such as neighbours, local council, suppliers, government bodies, and also sub-contractor actions against injury, negligence or property damage. Web quote or speak to our underwriters directly on 1300-798-991

Qtrust's job is to insure and provide qualified and accredited advice to Australian owner builders. We understand the detail and we care, and therefore our language and meanings are straight forward because when commercial insurance companies (often foreign and offshore) play by rules designed for the commercial sector, individuals such as owner builders are disadvantaged. This disadvantage 'hits hardest' when a claim is made. Just when owner builders need insurance to be right and rely on a helping, uncomplicated support with a friendly insurer on your side.

Thirdly, our insurance packages include broad coverage of owner builder activities and property such as tools cover, goods purchased or stored off site, plans, and drawings, allowances for budget overruns, relocation expenses and much, much more.

Comprehensive Insurance. Insuring Owner Builders Against:

apply f2 Theft and burglary of building and construction materials

apply f2 Theft and burglary of appliances, fixtures and fittings

apply f2 Storm, water, wind and fire damages to the project including site damage

apply f2 Sub-contractor actions for damages, injury, negligence and other incidents

apply f2 Tools stolen from the site

apply f2 Public liability claims against owner builder or workers on site Owner Builders Hire Agreements


apply f2 Third party claims from neighbours, local council, suppliers, government bodies and visitors

apply f2Owner builder negligence (owner builder's failure to take proper actions, or duty of care)

apply f2 Legal liability including an owner builder's mistakes or oversights. The owner builder does not need to be present on-site to be held responsible for actions of others on-site

apply f2 Existing structures loss or damage. Garages, pools and family or investment residence when renovating

apply f2 Damage, theft or stolen goods, appliances or materials purchased but stored elsewhere

apply f2 Construction records, drawings, and plans damaged or destroyed

What owner builders can expect when working with Qtrust:

apply f2 First class Australian insurer. Local offices with local staff. Local claims management

apply f2 Known, reputable and highly acclaimed 5 STAR insurance company protecting you and your project

apply f2 Policy wordings and cover conditions which are practical, relevant and purpose designed for owner builder environments

apply f2 No double meanings to confuse your cover. No ambiguous cover conditions. No dressing up quote or cover with irrelevant, not applicable and useless free - giveaways (insurance is serious business)

apply f2 Genuine, gold leaf Public and Legal Liability cover including actions by subcontractors, trades and visitors

apply f2 No matter how much dressing up an insurance quote may appear, when the actual insurance company is unknown; who do you call when you need them most! 

apply f2 Our premiums come with Price Beat Guarantee Guaranteed lowest premium

apply f2 Low excess levels.

apply f2 Policies include 'practical' extras at no extra cost. 

apply f2 Qtrust is 100% independent so you compare instantly

apply f2 24/7 web quote or phone quote call 1300-798-991 we're open every day, and you speak to a qualified broker every time.

Our Clients benefit and rest easy because our Team has reviewed, served and assisted more owner builders than any other insurance firm anywhere right across Australia ('tens of thousands' owner builder insurance policies approved and signed-off in recent years). Our reputation is built on our performances. We know detail. 

Quotes in minutes from ‘A’ class, Australian insurers. Not just a price but qualified advice. We ask questions so we understand your situation and then provide authorised advice and detailed quotes.

What makes us very different from other insurance firms is:
  1. We only work through first class, Australian Insurers with offices and front line people in your State
  2. Our insurance partners are independently rated and audited for financial strength, capacity and capability (willingness) to pay claims 
  3. Price beat guarantee to provide best price, first time every time. Our guarantee means lowest price or we’ll beat it by 5%

  4. We’re 100% independent

  5.   Client Wall - (what our clients say)

Qtrust insurances, also include at no extra cost:

edit f2Owner builder tools used on site.

edit f2Building equipment and machinery cover

edit f2Property in your care, custody and control

edit f2Goods or materials stored off site perhaps at home, or your parents' home

edit f2Low Excess across Australia

edit f2Commenced works projects are a specialty and we insure right up to 'near' completion

edit f2All states coverage

edit f2Sub-contractor liability protection

edit f2Worker to worker protection 

edit f2 Increased cost of construction allowance. When the project costs increase, so does your cover.

edit f2 Resulting damage from faulty workmanship cover, is standard

edit f2 Vibration, removal or weakening of support

edit f2Existing Structures Liability cover – so important. This little nasty is one under the radar if you are not careful read more

Owner Builder Insurance NSW

The reason you are visiting Qtrust is because you just want to be safe and sure with your investment. We all know nothing will go wrong - but what if it does? It's our job to find the right Construction Insurance package for your circumstances and budget. That's why you get quotes from our partner Tier 1 Australian insurer(s). If you are to be insured, better have the right insurance. It’s just dumb to take the wrong insurance because in a claim, you simply may not be paid.

Family Helpers and Voluntary Workers, family and friends working on site insurance. Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance. Personal Accident Insurance profile
Owner builders are a special class of builder. They are often not building experts nor familiar with the complexities of building sites and regulations. Qtrust clients benefit through our deep understanding of owner building detail. After all it's all in the detail. It's all about practical and relevant knowhow and seniority. At Qtrust you will always speak to a qualified and accredited Broker with at least 5 years' experience. We tell it like it is and we take our time to explain it thoroughly.
We insure new builds, home extensions and renovation projects. Building works that have commenced.
Builder to lock up projects. Kit homes. Transportable & demountables. Granny flats. Sheds, garages and carports. Steel constructs

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Insurance jargon is a verbal ‘sleight of hand’ and used by sales people who can’t or won’t take time to explain insurance detail. The complexity of risks facing Owner Builders cannot be discussed in cliché’, that’s why experience, skill and building 

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